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About Us

About Us

Less than one year after the New Tackett Theater opened the Fox Corporation operated the theater and changed its name to the Midland Theater. Manager Glen Carroll installed a new 24' "flasher sign" and flashing lights around the marquee, as well as new equipment to accomodate talking picture technology. The Fox Corporation continued to manage the Midland Theater until 1960 when they sold it to Talmadge ("Tal") and Pearl Richardson. 

When the Richardsons bought the Midland Theater, the organ had already been sold, the orchestra pit filled in with cement, the chandeliers removed, and the ballroom transformed to office and storage space. They had also eliminated the box seats, reduced the seating capacity and installed a concession stand. However, the ticket booth, lobby, auditorium and balcony retained their original configuration and the majority of the original finishes. Tal & Pearl Richardson worked to restore the theater to its original condition. After Tal died in 1976, Pearl continued operating the theater until her death in 1998. 

The historic Midland Theater was listed in the National Register of Historic Places February 09, 2005 for significance in the areas of Architecture and Recreation/Culture. It is the hope of the Midland Theater Foundation to restore and revitalize the Midland Theater so it can once again become a location where the community may celebrate its heritage as well as cultural exhibits of the future.

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